REACHED Gets a Paperback Release on November 19

The third and final book in Ally Condie’s MATCHED trilogy will soon be available in paperback!


REACHED will be released in paperback on November 19! You can pre-order your copy now via Amazon at a 40% discount!

To celebrate, Ally Condie will be making her first book tour stop in New Mexico!


Ally Condie and Kami Garcia Interview: MATCHED and UNBREAKABLE

Ally Condie and Kami Garcia took turns interviewing each other about their projects on Kindle Post recently!

Kami Garcia’s new book, UNBREAKABLE, was published October 1st and Ally was one of the first to enjoy it, but Kami is also a huge fan of the MATCHED trilogy, so she had some questions too.


The two cover the end of the MATCHED series and what it meant for Ally:

KG: I went through a mini-depression after finishing Reached, the last book in your Matched trilogy, and I know I’m not alone. It’s so hard to say good-bye to a series you love. What was it like to finish writing the series?

AC: It actually felt good to finish the series, like I had taken the characters to college or something and I knew they were ready and that it was time for me to let go. I think the characters are what I will miss most about that universe. I spent the better part of five years with Cassia, Ky, and Xander, and so it’s a little sad not to spend time in their world anymore.

Read the full interview here!

Reached (Die Ankunft) Scores Big in Germany

Ally Condie has hit Twitter to thank her German fans for the huge success of REACHED— aka DIE ANKUNFT— in their nation!


Die Ankunft is currently #3 on Der Spiegel’s German Bestseller List. This includes all hardcover books, not just Young Adult series! Last week it was at #2!

To show just how hyped up the books were right now, German Matched Trilogy fan Emmy Neal sent Ally this picture from her local train station:

Reached’s “Mud Bird” Brought to Life

If you’ve not read Reached yet, this post contains minor spoilers!

Ally Condie posted a picture of her own “mud bird”, as created by her friend Brook Andreoli:


On her blog, Allysaid:

I’ll keep this quite spoiler-free, but basically it’s a scene where a girl makes a bird out of some materials (one of those materials is mud, and one is glass). It’s a scene about creation and making something out of what you have.

I’m working on a new mud bird right now. Several of them, actually, and boy, are my hands dirty. And I am certainly getting lots of little cuts as I work with what I have and try to repurpose new things. I’m not just talking about writing projects (though I do have some of those!). Creation can be exhilarating. It can also be painful.

The Associated Press Profiles Ally Condie

w620-5f1b9452c335c19ca28823c8bd1c0d9aAlly Condie is the subject of a fun new profile in The Washington Examiner written by the Associated Press that discussed the success of the Matched Trilogy, but also pays homage to how the best-selling author made her way into the business:

So, with three best-selling books in three years, it appears that Condie, 34, has just suddenly hit the jackpot. In an interview before a recent program for teens in Bethesda, however, Condie is quick to correct the record, noting that she earlier had published five novels for teens with a small, religious-focused publisher, Deseret Book Company in her home state of Utah, before even beginning “Matched.”

In fact, Condie now credits those early novels as a type of apprenticeship that gave her the skills to eventually write her best-selling trilogy.

“The editors there [at Deseret Book] were the first ones to see some promise in me, and I’m grateful,” Condie added.

Read the full profile here!

Matched Trilogy Faded Graphics

Check out these fun graphics based on the covers for Matched, Crossed, and Reached created by holidayhaloway!

Matched book graphic holidayhalowayCrossed Matched book graphic holidayhalowayReached Matched book graphic holidayhaloway

Hollywood Crush Poll: Best YA Novel of 2012

MTV’s Hollywood Crush recently posted a poll asking you to pick your favorite book of the year and Reached happens to be an option!

From series enders (Ally Condie’s “Reached;” Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s “Beautiful Redemption”) to debut efforts (Kiera Cass’ “The Selection,” Julie Cross’ “Tempest”) to the book that left us all quivering in a puddle of our own snot and tears (John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars”), it’s been another great year to read young adult. Though it may be tough to play favorites, that is the task before you. Cast your vote for the best YA novel of 2012 after the jump (or else we’ll send a hydra demon after you!).

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