Amazon Holiday Pick: Matched Trilogy Box Set

Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog has posted its top holiday picks for Young Adult readers, which includes the Matched Trilogy Box Set!

Matched Trilogy Box Set Ally CondieMatched Trilogy Box Set: This is a series tailor-made for Hunger Games readers. Romance and action in a Big Brother society, and I’m not giving anything away to tell you that it starts with a teen girl, Cassia, who is shown her expected marriage match–but for a brief second another boy’s face appears on the screen.  Hmmm… The story builds from there, each book adding a new layer and new voices to the narrative.  Addictive reading.

The rest of the list consists of the John Green Box Set, Lauren Conrad Beauty, Not Exactly A Love Story, The Hobbit (Deluxe Collector’s Edition), and Star Wars: A Galatic Pop-up Adventure. You can see the reasons for each pick here.


Lots of Links from Ally Condie

If you didn’t know, REACHED has been doing increasingly well since being released just about 2 weeks ago. Ally Condie, our awesome author, took to her blog to post some links to articles, reviews, etc. Check them out below!

In case you missed it posted the official Reached playlist!

Amazon has named REACHED as one of the best books of 2012 for Kids and Teens. It’s currently #1 on the list!

Entertainment Weekly posted a review of Reached.

“There’s no shame in crying at the end.”

There will also be an interview with Ally in the November 23rd issue of the magazine (the one with Star Wars on the cover).

USA Today featured an article on the series.

 Author Ally Condie says a “casual conversation about marriage” with her husband, an economics professor at Brigham Young University, triggered the most popular series of books for teens since The Hunger Games.

John Green, author of The Fault In Our Stars, mentioned Reached in a tweet and on a Tumblr blog post (Ally mentioned that she’s a fan of his work).


Seventeen and Just Jared Jr. both chose REACHED as their book club pick.

We could never imagine our free will being taken away or having our lives pre-planned for us or having arranged marriages come back into style.

Penguin Teen (publisher of the series) did an author spotlight of Ally.

What’s your favorite thing about your book? I like the endings of each of the books in the series. It’s fun to take a character to a specific point in their journey and have that sense of arrival…and also that something new might be on the horizon for them.

Also, just a reminder, Ally is on a book tour for REACHED right now. Check out the schedule here to see if she’ll be in your city soon.

Make sure to check out Ally’s blog posts here for her personal and book-related updates!

Reached named among Best Teen Books of 2012

Reached may only have been released three days ago, but it’s already gathering plenty of accolades!

Amazon has added Reached to their list of the Best Teen Books of 2012! The list is based upon current sales and Reached is currently at #1! Congratulations to Ally and the team behind the Matched Trilogy!

Reached by Ally Condie Matched Trilogy Amazon Best Teen Books of 2012 List

Celebrate #GetMatched Day – Buy The Ebook For Only $2.99!

Matched #GetMatched Ally Condie Penguin Teen

If you have an ebook and you don’t have Matched by Ally Condie on there, you’re missing out on an awesome, popular read!

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Penguin Teen is also giving 10 copies of Crossed on Twitter to fans who tweet with the hashtag #getmatched! So buy your copy and start tweeting away for a chance to win the sequel!