Ally Condie’s New Project!

Shi Cheng, China, photo by Chinese National Geography.

Shi Cheng, China, photo by Chinese National Geography.

Ally Condie has made a major announcement on her personal website! As reported by the Children’s Book Council, Ally Condie is planning on taking us from a futuristic land to an imagined, complex underwater world! Ally informs fans on her blog post that she is staying with the same team that she worked with while writing and publishing Matched, Crossed and Reached.

So far, Ally has signed on for two books to be published. The first book does not have a working title yet, so Ally is referring to it as “The Rio Book.” Here’s an excerpt of Ally’s (spoiler-free) edited version of the official press release:

The first book, scheduled for publication in fall 2014, tells the story of Rio, who has waited her whole life for the opportunity to leave her safe, underwater city of Atlantia for life on the surface. But when her life takes an unexpected twist and Rio must remain below, she is left with increasingly dangerous questions about the complex political and religious system constructed to govern the fragile divide between land and sea.

It sounds like Ally Condie is really delving into the fantastical, which should be fun! We’ve got stories about werewolves, vampires, angels, demons, Gods… and now we will have one about an underwater world! It is not specified if this will be about “merpeople,” but I’m sure in due time we will find out. While Ally says she is excited to write about families and sister, she also reassured her fans that there will be more amazing romance stories in our future, saying,  “Don’t worry, there is also romance!”

What do you think about the new announcement? Feeling skeptical about a story about an underwater world? Feeling excited to learn about that world’s “complex political and religious system”? Share in the comments!!! 


Lots of Links from Ally Condie

If you didn’t know, REACHED has been doing increasingly well since being released just about 2 weeks ago. Ally Condie, our awesome author, took to her blog to post some links to articles, reviews, etc. Check them out below!

In case you missed it posted the official Reached playlist!

Amazon has named REACHED as one of the best books of 2012 for Kids and Teens. It’s currently #1 on the list!

Entertainment Weekly posted a review of Reached.

“There’s no shame in crying at the end.”

There will also be an interview with Ally in the November 23rd issue of the magazine (the one with Star Wars on the cover).

USA Today featured an article on the series.

 Author Ally Condie says a “casual conversation about marriage” with her husband, an economics professor at Brigham Young University, triggered the most popular series of books for teens since The Hunger Games.

John Green, author of The Fault In Our Stars, mentioned Reached in a tweet and on a Tumblr blog post (Ally mentioned that she’s a fan of his work).


Seventeen and Just Jared Jr. both chose REACHED as their book club pick.

We could never imagine our free will being taken away or having our lives pre-planned for us or having arranged marriages come back into style.

Penguin Teen (publisher of the series) did an author spotlight of Ally.

What’s your favorite thing about your book? I like the endings of each of the books in the series. It’s fun to take a character to a specific point in their journey and have that sense of arrival…and also that something new might be on the horizon for them.

Also, just a reminder, Ally is on a book tour for REACHED right now. Check out the schedule here to see if she’ll be in your city soon.

Make sure to check out Ally’s blog posts here for her personal and book-related updates!

Ally Condie Thanks Fans

Ally Condie posted a great Thanksgiving message on her blog along with a lovely photo from her tour stop at Anderson’s in Naperville, Illinois!

Ally Condie fans Reached release party Anderson's books Matched Trilogy

Photo credit: Cayt O’Neal.

I want to thank all of you wonderful readers for your supportive emails, comments, tweets, etc., this past week. They are always great, but this week they’ve been especially supportive, and I am so grateful. Being in the public eye is not an easy thing for me and you make it easier/less scary. You make it possible. I know it is a big investment of time to read a book/series, and I appreciate it more than I can say that you would be willing to give your time to these books and characters.

And for those of you taking the time to post reviews on your blogs, or on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.–that’s an additional amount of time taken, and I am VERY grateful for that too.

Also, word-of-mouth cannot be overestimated–when you take the time to tell someone about a book you love (whether it’s mine or not!) that does the reading community and us as a culture a great deal of good. You’re letting people know that books and stories are worth their time.


Thank you for your wonderful stories and inspired writing, Ally! We hope you’re enjoying your book tour!


As promised, we have another new blog post from the wonderful Ally Condie. Just one more week until the release of the much-awaited conclusion to the trilogy, REACHED! This week she gives a briefing on her upcoming Reached tour (see here for dates) and tells us about some starred reviews of REACHED. She also says that she will be revealing the official playlist for REACHED one week after the book’s release (20th November).

If the series is good enough for William Shatner (‘s paper cutout) then it’s good enough for anyone, right? ;)

You can read the starred review by Publisher’s Weekly here and the full review from Kirkus here.

See the entire blog post here and make sure to check out more on Ally’s blog.

Updates From Ally Condie

Just 2 more weeks until the release of REACHED! As promised, our author Ally Condie made a blog post today answering a question and posting some reminders. Here’s the question and answer from the post:

As part of the preparation for the release of REACHED, I’ve been answering lots of excellent interview questions. One of the ones that I hear a lot is, “How do you feel now that the series is over?”

I keep saying that the series doesn’t feel over to me yet, because the readers don’t really have the last book. I know there are a very few galley copies out there, but there aren’t lots of ARCs the way there were for MATCHED and CROSSED. So, right now, I just feel excited and anticipatory (and yes, nervous) because the series does NOT feel over. It feels like things are just beginning…because when the readers at large have the book, that’s when the story starts to feel finished. Right now it’s just waiting for all of you. :)

She also posted a few links.

You can visit our fellow fansite the for a recap of her recent Twitter chat here.

You can preorder a MATCHED trilogy boxed set (as mentioned in a previous post), which includes a signed copy of REACHED, right here.

You can also order signed, personalised copies of the books The King’s English Bookshop before November 13th.

Make sure to check out Ally’s blog here!

Ally Condie Answers Your Questions

Amidst all of the exciting thing that went on the world of Matched recently, author Ally Condie answered some fan questions over on her blog.

Ashley: Do you come out with approximately a book a year?

Yes! I’ve had a book a year out every year since 2006, with the exception of 2008 and 2010 (when I had two books come out) and 2009 (when I had none).

Angel:  Does Ky make a reappearance in Reached, specifically in Central?

I don’t want to say where Ky appears (too spoiler-y!), but I can reassure you that he will be in REACHED. The story is partially told from his point of view and he has a huge role to play.

Jenny: How did you come up with the title REACHED? Does it have an epilogue?

I came up with the title for two reasons. First, it has something to do with the Emily Dickinson poem (“I did not reach thee”) that is the central poem for this book (as the Dylan Thomas poem was for MATCHED and the Tennyson poem was for CROSSED). Second, it fits what happens in the story really well. And no, there is no epilogue.

Ally will be answering more questions each Tuesday on her blog leading up to the release of Reached along with “updates and info.”

Also mentioned in her blog post, there is now a Pinterest board for the trilogy! If you’re on Pinterest make sure to follow!

Make sure to check out Ally’s blog here!

Ally Condie is Taking Your Questions!

After the official Matched trilogy website received a beautiful revamp featuring all three cover images side-by-side, author Ally Condie is ready to revamp her personal site with the help of readers!

Got a question about Matched or Crossed? Want some writing advice from an expert? Ally’s got you covered!

I’d like to do a series of blog posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Tuesday series will be based on answering questions about writing, the writing process, etc. The Thursday series will be questions from readers about the books, the worlds of MATCHED and CROSSED, etc.

If you have a question you want answered, simply comment on Ally’s latest blog post! All she asks is that you keep your questions creative and unique!