Cross Over to Crossed!

With just 19 days until the release of Reached, The Rising asks that all rebels remind themselves of their origins by reading or re-reading Crossed, the second novel in the Matched Trilogy!

If you’ve fallen behind in your reading or just want a refresher course, there’s two steps The Rising suggests you take. First, watched the Crossed book trailer:

Second, read a Scribd sample of Crossed to get started:

We’d also like to take this time to announce that The Fandom, as part of Penguin Teen’s Silk and Paper Campaign, will be giving away some great Matched swag starting November 1st! Be prepared!


Watch the shattering trailer for ‘Reached,’ the conclusion to the ‘Matched’ trilogy — EXCLUSIVE

The trailer for the final book in the trilogy is here! has the exclusive and here’s the synopsis:

Told from the perspectives of Cassia, Ky and Xander, Reached picks up right where Crossed left off. After finally reuniting with Ky only to be separated from him anew, Cassia is now living in the capital city Central, working with the Rising from the inside to bring down the Society once and for all. Ky is stationed outside the Society’s borders, serving as a pilot alongside Indie, while Xander has been operating as an undercover official, treating a deadly virus that’s been making its way through the Society. When the plague gets out of hand, and everyone they love is threatened, the three must work together to discover a cure before it’s too late.

Click on the link to watch the trailer on  Watch the shattering trailer for ‘Reached,’ the conclusion to the ‘Matched’ trilogy — EXCLUSIVE.