Matched Trilogy Faded Graphics

Check out these fun graphics based on the covers for Matched, Crossed, and Reached created by holidayhaloway!

Matched book graphic holidayhalowayCrossed Matched book graphic holidayhalowayReached Matched book graphic holidayhaloway


Amazon Holiday Pick: Matched Trilogy Box Set

Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog has posted its top holiday picks for Young Adult readers, which includes the Matched Trilogy Box Set!

Matched Trilogy Box Set Ally CondieMatched Trilogy Box Set: This is a series tailor-made for Hunger Games readers. Romance and action in a Big Brother society, and I’m not giving anything away to tell you that it starts with a teen girl, Cassia, who is shown her expected marriage match–but for a brief second another boy’s face appears on the screen.  Hmmm… The story builds from there, each book adding a new layer and new voices to the narrative.  Addictive reading.

The rest of the list consists of the John Green Box Set, Lauren Conrad Beauty, Not Exactly A Love Story, The Hobbit (Deluxe Collector’s Edition), and Star Wars: A Galatic Pop-up Adventure. You can see the reasons for each pick here.

Cassia and Ky’s Poem Pendant

Anorie’s Whimsies on Etsy (aka our very own Annie!) is one of the few retailers with fantastic original Matched themed jewelry. She’s too modest to have ever mentioned her own jewelry on the site, but we love it so much that we just had to!

We’re especially attached to this beautiful pendant featuring Cassia’s poem to Ky, the featured lines of which originally appear in Crossed:

Matched trilogy Ally Condie fanmade jewelry Etsy Anorie

by Anorie’s Whimsies

“I climb into the dark for you
Are you waiting in the stars for me?”

Matched Trilogy Quote of the Day – 11/12/12

Here’s the last in our month-long Quote of the Day series leading up to Reached! Tomorrow we will all be able to reach out and grab a copy of Ally Condie’s highly anticipated new novel!

We’ve got some other good news, too: We’ll be announcing that Matched contest TONIGHT and posting up our spoiler-free review of Reached TOMORROW! Keep your eyes peeled!

Reached Matched Trilogy Ally Condie

I have a sense that we have not yet arrived, that we are still reaching. For each other. For who we are meant to be.

Matched Trilogy Quote of the Day – 11/11/12

Crossed Quote Cassia Reyes Ally Condie Matched Trilogy

Matched Trilogy Quote of the Day – 11/1/12

“It’s as though she holds to the walls of a canyon. If I move wrong she will look over her shoulder, let go, and take her chances with the fall.”

Matched Trilogy Quote of the Day – 10/30/12

“Maybe only parts of our stories can keep us safe. The whole can feel like too much to bear.”