Reached’s “Mud Bird” Brought to Life

If you’ve not read Reached yet, this post contains minor spoilers!

Ally Condie posted a picture of her own “mud bird”, as created by her friend Brook Andreoli:


On her blog, Allysaid:

I’ll keep this quite spoiler-free, but basically it’s a scene where a girl makes a bird out of some materials (one of those materials is mud, and one is glass). It’s a scene about creation and making something out of what you have.

I’m working on a new mud bird right now. Several of them, actually, and boy, are my hands dirty. And I am certainly getting lots of little cuts as I work with what I have and try to repurpose new things. I’m not just talking about writing projects (though I do have some of those!). Creation can be exhilarating. It can also be painful.


Matched Trilogy Faded Graphics

Check out these fun graphics based on the covers for Matched, Crossed, and Reached created by holidayhaloway!

Matched book graphic holidayhalowayCrossed Matched book graphic holidayhalowayReached Matched book graphic holidayhaloway

Cassia at the Matching Ceremony

The Art of YA sketches tons of great fan art for her favorite young adult fandoms and it looks like the Matched Trilogy is no exception! Check out her take on Cassia at the Matching Ceremony:

Matched trilogy fan art Cassia Ally Condie

By ArtOfYA

“Do Not Go Gentle” – Matched Fan Art

Check out this amazing Matched graphic by sleepingintheshade, who has created an original visual representation of the book for a literary project!

Matched fan art Matched trilogy Ally Condie

by sleepingintheshade

Looks like an A+ to us!

Matched Trilogy Quote of the Day – 11/3/12


Matched Ally Condie quote fan art by theysaiditfirst

Matched Trilogy Quote of the Day – 10/28/12

“I decided that it was the thoughts in your own mind that mattered more than anything else.”

Matched Trilogy Quote of the Day – 10/26/12