News About the 2013 Victory Tour!

Only ten days way form the convention, and its important to make sure that everyone is registered.


Registration is only $10. Participation includes music listening/discussions, session viewing/participation, authors interviews/Q&A as well as musical viewings.

The series that will be taking part in this convention are The Hunger Games, Divergent, Delirium, and Matched. Authors able to be interviewed are Ally Condie, Lauren Oliver, V. Arrow, and Mark Oshiro. There will also be a period of time where all recored sessions will be available after the live convention.

There will also be some session leader availabilities if you are interested.

Be sure to register in time!


Ally Condie Names Her “Prize” for Finishing the Matched Trilogy!

In a great bit of author interaction on Twitter, Ally Condie announced one of the ways she plans to reward herself once she’s done with the Match trilogy (The last book, Reached, has already been written, but it’s still undergoing editing.)

After receiving a sweet compliment from fellow YA author and favorite here at The Fandom, Lauren Oliver, Condie has this to say:

Ally Condie Lauren Oliver


On top of Before I Fall and Liesel and Po, Oliver is the author of the hugely popular Delirium trilogy, which is what Ally Condie is referring to here!

There’s lot of author love going around! What other books do you think Ally should read when she’s got time once again?