Matched Music – Learning to Write (UPDATED!)

Sam Cushion is a composer for the fans. He creates original scores for several popular novels ranging from The Hunger Games and Divergent to World War Z and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Oh, and he’s also extremely talented!

We’ve previously featured Sam’s other Matched song, How To Let It Go, but now he’s back with another great piece! This one’s called Learning to Write:

We love the soft elegance of this tune. What do you think?
UPDATE: Ally is super sweet and gave us her thoughts on the music!

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Matched Music – How You Let It Go

Sam Cushion, the web designer of our site, TheFandom.Net, is also a very talented music artist, and he created this piece for Matched.


Let him know what you think, and listen to his other works on his YouTube page!

And Run – A Matched Fanmix

Author Ally Condie has named some songs that inspired her while she wrote Matched and its sequel, Crossed, but how did those books inspire your taste in music?

After reading a great book, many fans create their own fanmix that melds together songs that elicit the same feelings as the book. We just found this amazing fanmix by V. (aimmyarrowshigh) entitled And Run, dedicated to Cassia’s perspective throughout the first two novels!

You can download the fanmix by visiting V.’s LiveJournal!

Songs from Ally’s playlist for Crossed

Ally Condie wrote up a playlist of songs that she listened to during her year and a half of writing the book Crossed.  I’ve only posted videos for 3 here because she has a pretty extensive list of songs.  I’m particularly impressed with the types of songs she listened to during this time.  If you look at the entire list, you’ll see there’s a lot of mellow, folk type music as well as some eclectic stuff.  She also writes the reasons she listened to the songs and their particular connections with the book, which I’ve also included for the 3 songs below.

The melancholy and beauty in this song made this the #1 most-listened to song while I was writing CROSSED.

I’ve always thought of this song particularly as Ky’s song, because it’s hard for him to believe sometimes that someone like Cassia could really love him.

If you’ve read the book, you’ll know exactly why I picked this song.
For the full list, go here.