Matched Quiz: Week 10


Matched Quiz: Week 9 Answer

This round the question was super easy, so we’re glad to see you remember that elders die by poisoned food! We all wish you Happy Halloween!!


Matched Quiz: Week 9

Week 9’s quiz!

Matched Quiz: Week 5 Answer

The answer to ‘What were the numbers on Cassia’s artifact?’ the compact, is 1940! This seemed to be a bit of a challenge with 12.9% voting for 1940 and most voting for 1942 for some reason.

If you have some great challenging questions you want me to put up, just put it as a comment! I’ll figure out the answer.

Matched Quiz: Week 5

Week 5’s question is below!

Matched Quiz: Week 4 Answer

Hey Matched Fans! We’re really proud that you’re getting the answers right to the quizzes! Indeed, C, was the answer to ‘What was the first letter Ky taught Cassia to write on the hill?’ Look out for the next quiz question.

Meanwhile, have a look at this fan art by Music-Moon-Wolf!

Matched Quiz: Week 4

Just to get things ahead of time, here’s Week 4’s poll!