Our Seven Devils – A Multifandom Ode to Female Heroines

Wow! When we went out on the search for fresh, exciting Matched art, we never expected to come across this!

Check out Cassia centered in the middle of this amazing multifandom graphic by ||starcaster||

Matched The Hunger Games Divergent Maximum Ride

Our Seven Devils

Matched, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maximum Ride are all featured in the graphic! Can you find the images from each?!

We love the gritty look that ||starcaster|| gave Cassia here is as mixed in the features of the other characters! If you’re wondering how she did it, check out this speedpaint:


Make Your Own ‘Matched’ Tablet Container!

Ever wanted your own little Matched keepsake that wouldn’t draw too much attention? TheSociety.net has thought up a great way to make your own tablet container, just like the one every in The Society is required to keep handy!

Matched Ally Condie Tablet Container Compact

Matched Tablet Container (filled with jellybeans!)

How to make your own Matched Tablet Container!

Step 1: Buy a simple pillbox with a matching epoxy sticker

Step 2: Print your favorite image from the Matched trilogy.

Step 3: Adhere the epoxy sticker to the top of the image.

Step 4: Use craft glue to glue the image to the top of the pillbox.

Once it is dry you can fill it with red, green and blue candies to symbolize the pills!