Second Annual #allychat with Allie Condie

Some of you might remember that Penguin Teen and Allie Condie hosted a live chat on Twitter to celebrate the release of CROSSED last year.

Well, this year they’ll be doing it again!

The Matched Facebook page recently posted this announcement.


Announcing our second annual #allychat with Ally Condie! This year’s chat will be on September 25 at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST. Ally will be answering questions about the Matched trilogy and Penguin Teen will be giving away cool Matched trilogy swag, including posters and buttons!

It all happens on Tuesday, September 25th at 8 PM EST/ 5PM PST on Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag #allychat when asking questions so she’ll see them!

Get your questions ready!


Ally Condie Introduces New Website Design!

Ally Condie launched her new website design tonight! Rather than the typical blog format we see for most websites, Ally’s site has transformed into a sleek, classy design that prominently features the Matched trilogy!

Ally Condie author Matched Crossed Reached website


Ally has been asking for fans opinions on her new site look via Twitter, so be sure to let her know what you think!

Movie Update: Looking for a Director!

Adam Shankman, one of the producers of the movie adaptation of Matched, answered some fan questions today on Twitter. One user asked for an update on the production of the movie, to which he replied that he is looking for a director. Here’s the tweet:

It seems that we’re getting closer to the Matched movie adaptation! With Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot producing, who do you think should direct the movie?

You can follow Adam Shankman on Twitter  @adammshankman.

Ally Condie is a Very Nice Tweeter

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Ally Condie makes a genuine effort to tweet back to fans and always has nice things to say to people. I happened to tweet her a random thought and got a really wonderful response! I figured I’d share:

The reason I tweeted her that: Of all the YA heroines, Cassia seems to be the sweetest, most kind-hearted character. It’s not always easy to make your protagonist such a good person and remain interesting, but Condie manages to do that incredibly well. We can all relate to Cassia, but at the same time, we admire her and wish we could emulate her personality. That’s a real accomplishment!

You can follow Ally Condie on Twitter @AllyCondie.

Celebrate #GetMatched Day – Buy The Ebook For Only $2.99!

Matched #GetMatched Ally Condie Penguin Teen

If you have an ebook and you don’t have Matched by Ally Condie on there, you’re missing out on an awesome, popular read!

TODAY ONLY, you (or someone you’ve been trying to convince to read the books!) can purchase the ebook for only $2.99 in several ebook formats! Just click the link to your corresponding ebook to buy!

Kindle | Nook | iPad | Kobo

Penguin Teen is also giving 10 copies of Crossed on Twitter to fans who tweet with the hashtag #getmatched! So buy your copy and start tweeting away for a chance to win the sequel!

Ally Condie Names Her “Prize” for Finishing the Matched Trilogy!

In a great bit of author interaction on Twitter, Ally Condie announced one of the ways she plans to reward herself once she’s done with the Match trilogy (The last book, Reached, has already been written, but it’s still undergoing editing.)

After receiving a sweet compliment from fellow YA author and favorite here at The Fandom, Lauren Oliver, Condie has this to say:

Ally Condie Lauren Oliver


On top of Before I Fall and Liesel and Po, Oliver is the author of the hugely popular Delirium trilogy, which is what Ally Condie is referring to here!

There’s lot of author love going around! What other books do you think Ally should read when she’s got time once again?