Cassia and Ky – Bloodstream

There aren’t a lot of great Cassia and Ky fan videos out there, but we really love this one by michaelaqueen15! Set to the song Bloodstream by Stateless, the music and effects really capture the attraction and the danger growing between the two characters.

The video uses Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita) and Steven R. McQueen (The Vampire Diaries) as Cassia and Ky. What do you think of that fancast?


Matched Movie Trailer, Written and Acted by Fans!

Lots of fanmade trailers feature cut up clips from TV shows and movies, but check out this totally original trailer written, acted, and edited by the team at Lime Dino Productions:

Here’s what the group had to say about the process behind the video:

This is a book trailer my friends and I made for the 2012 English Quest competition. We didn’t place but I still think we did pretty awesome with what we had. It was super awesome to make from the script and story boards to the actual filming and testing our friends’ acting skills.